How can I get the keys to my very own Slow Road Camper?

You can either reserve/buy one of our ‘Ready 2 Roll’ Builds (we do 3 or 4 per year…) or get in touch to discuss a Bespoke Build…

What’s the difference between Ready 2 Roll & Bespoke builds?

Our ‘Ready 2 Roll’ Builds are designed, laid out, specified and finished by us. The base vehicle is provided by us. Everything is taken care of. All you need to do is jump behind the wheel and drive away!

Take a look at our Build Portfolio to see what we’ve been up to…

For a Bespoke Build, we collaborate with you on every aspect. From sourcing a base vehicle, to the perfect layout – right through to paint finishes & soft furnishings!

This process is usually much longer, but the end result is a totally unique dream van that you helped create!

How can I reserve or buy a Ready 2 Roll Build?

Get in touch. See what we’re building. Find out if it’s what you’re looking for. Come over and view pre-build or mid-build depending where we’re up to. Get excited. Pay a 50% deposit to secure. Wait for us to finish up. Pay your 50% balance. Collect & drive away!

When is your next available Bespoke Build date?

We’re usually booked up at least a couple of builds in advance.  It’s best to get in touch to see how we’re doing! 

You never know – we might be able to squeeze you in…

How long does a Bespoke Build take?

Generally between 3-4 months depending on the final specifications.

How much will a Bespoke Build cost?

Bespoke Build pricing will vary depending on final specification, layout, materials & components…

As a rough guide – MWB Sprinter Bespoke Builds generally range from £30-£60k, with LWB Sprinter Bespoke Builds going from £40-£80k.

Do you supply the base vehicle?

For Bespoke builds, no we do not supply the base vehicle – but can help guide you to the best choice for your needs & assist with sourcing if required.

If you reserve or buy one of our Ready 2 Roll builds, then yes of course the base vehicle is included!

Your Ready 2 Roll Builds seem to all use the Mercedes Sprinter & VW Crafter as the base vehicle. Do you build out other vans or types of vehicles?

When selecting a base vehicle for our Ready 2 Roll Builds, we generally prefer to start with either the Sprinter or Crafter. For us they represent the highest quality of vehicle build & mechanical durability out there, as well as the best internal space/ dimensions for our particular layouts & style.

If you’re looking for a Bespoke Build into a different vehicle – then get in touch – we’re always up for a new challenge!

Can we do the whole Bespoke Build remotely?

Yes! We’re more than happy to work through the design, estimate & quote process by Phone, Email & Skype/Zoom.  The first time we meet will most likely be when you drop the vehicle off for your build to begin! 

The entire build will be recorded & photographed regularly – so you will have constant updates & progress reports.  The next time we meet you you’ll be driving off in your dream van…

I like the look of one of your previous builds, but would like to change a few things to make it my own – is this possible?

Absolutely!  In fact, this is a great way to design your dream van!  Start with something that’s already been built.  Keep all the stuff you love about it & chuck all the things you don’t like or don’t need – then add some of your own ideas & a fiddle a few bits around…  Before you know it you’ll be booking a build date!

Can I choose my own interior design, finishes & furnishings?

Yes!  Although we work from a fairly ‘set’ design aesthetic, we’re definitely not afraid of trying something new. If you have bold ideas or favourite materials you’d like to see incorporated into your build – then bring it on! 

We have a long list of options on everything from door handles to upholstery fabrics…

I just have a couple of areas of my own build I need help with (solar install, windows, gas install, etc) Is this something you guys can do?

At the moment we’re just concentrating on full builds.

I’ve started a self-build, but would like you to finish it off – is this something you can help with?

In order to maintain the highest levels of quality & safety, and to ensure we’re 100% confident in the build to put our name to it, we don’t take on part-builds.

I want to rent out my van as a way to help pay for the conversion cost – what do I need to do differently in the build to make this possible?

There’s quite a few tweaks we’d advise for a build that will end up being rented.  You’ll definitely need a Gas Safe Certificate.  We don’t do these – but can arrange to have it carried out as part of the build. 

You might also want to think about slightly heavier-duty fixtures (hinges, drawer slides, flooring wear) to help stand up to more frequent use.  Some colours & fabrics also aren’t super-practical when renting out. 

We’re happy to go through this and more with you to make sure the final van is rental-proofed!

My vehicle is classified on the V5 as a ‘panel van’, but I’d like to re-classify it with the DVLA as a ‘motor caravan’ so I can take out an insurance policy to cover the full value of the finished build – is this something you can assist with?

We have experience of working through this sometimes tricky process and would be happy to guide you as part of your Bespoke build…

As a rule, all of our Ready 2 Roll builds are completed in order to be fully compliant with the new DVLA requirements for reclassification.